Here you can ask for support with building, installing and configuring Saladin or just leave your feedback or express your opinion.



Are there plans to move the code repository to GitHub?

Translating to Russian

Hello! Thank you very much for such an interesting file manager! It has long been present on my site about free software. And he enjoys some popularity! Thank you distribute it under a license GNU GPL.

Need help with the program translated into Russian?

wacom tablet

Just a fyi. I couldn't select anything with my wacom mouse. Used my stand by mouse to make sure that was the problem. Have the good ole stand by for just such problems.

Anyway I uninstalled it because of that.

Just upgraded to Win 10 Home. Been hating it and trying to get it livable, And have a good old Wacom Intuos3.

German translation

I have produced a German translation for Saladin. When you will use Saladin in german, then feel free to cantact me.

Shortcut for bookmarks

Hi @all,
exist shortcuts for bookmarks? Or is it possible to create shortcuts for bookmarks?

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