Create folder

Submitted by flaviove on 2011-11-27

I have installed the last version of Saladin, and trying to create a new folder with no success.
Any help will be great.
I would like to translate the Salabin to Brazilian Portuguese. How can I have the .ts file. On the translation folder I have .qm files.

There is a "Create Folder" button in the toolbar :). Which version of Windows do you use?

The installer only installs qm files, but there is a saladin_untranslated.ts file in the source package.


According to MSDN, the ITransferDestination interface that I use to create the folder is supported since Vista, but apperently it isn't :). I will create a workaround for this in the next version.

By the way, when you copy or move a file, do you see Name/Source/Target boxes and "overwrite without prompt" checkbox, or just two Source/Target boxes? I'm asking because the copy/move operation uses the same API, but it falls back to the old API when the new one is not available.

If you find anything else that doesn't work, please let me know.