file-extension, copy path, create file, associate, treeview etc.

Submitted by Fr001 on 2013-06-06

Felicitations you developped a nice product, i like x64, lightness, intuitivity...
but i still need Xplorer² for

*** file-extension column apart of file-name : to sort the folder on the extension
*** Copy complete path name with the file name(s), the adress field doesn't show the file name when clicked
* no Create File button, no file creation in the adress field when we extend it with a name
(select a file, Ctrl+c Ctrl+v then rename !)
* an "Association button" opening the system Associate window
- An optional treeview would be practical
- The 3 black arrows should be on the left side, above the other one in the panel or along that one.
- Could the "Clipboard ... Tools" title-line be optionnal (precious screen place)
- Saladin name & icon are beautifull but not as descriptive as xPanel, xFiles, FolderFiles, F&etc.

Help: you should reference there some great related products
- "Everything search engine"
- irfanview ?
- The Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows

Again, a lovely product !

Sorry i found
- Edit / Create file...
- Open / Browse for folders...