I want it more

Submitted by imperial81 on 2013-06-22

Saladin is one of most interesting projects I have seen lately. I want to share my thoughts about what could be done. This is my subjective list of requests, priorytized from 'pain in the ass' (1.) to 'nice to have in the distant future' (3.):

1.1. Lack of the 'New' option in the context menu - it is impossible to create a simple txt/word file from the file manager level. I need to use windows explorer instead.

1.2. Hidden files view doesn't work for files (for instant c:\pagefile.sys) and for most of the directories (for instant c:\RECYCLER).

1.3. There should be an option for swaping key shortcuts between delete to trash bin (del/F8) and permanent delete (shift + del/F8). Possibility of deleting files permanently by default is important - I have bypassed this by disabling delete to trash bin in windows, but it isn't a good solution.

2.1. Can't select many files using mouse pointer. Copying many files at once always requires keybord.

2.1. Lack of Multi-Rename Tool.

3.1. After editing file properties from the context menu, file selection should be removed.

3.2. Option for displaying bold fonts in panels.

3.3. Lack of sorting files by extension.

I have found option for creating files, but still it is usable only for .txt files.

1.2. This can be fixed by changing folder options in the Windows control panel (uncheck Hide protected operating system files).

2.1. You can use SHIFT+LMB and CTRL+LMB to select multiple files using the mouse.

2.2. Multi rename tool: SHIFT+F6