Request: Menubar made optional.

Submitted by Dymn on 2015-08-11

The one gripe I hold with the current UI is the massive bar at the top. Of course keep it there as default as I'm sure many enjoy it but as I highly value my screen space the ability to toggle it would be great.

A suggestion I can live without would be instead of the drive bar, you could have a drop-down box residing in the leftmost part of each path bar. Again, I'm just a fusspot when it comes to screen space.

That aside I'm really impressed with you work here. It's clean, responsive and above all, it does what it's designed to with ease and intuition. Keep up the good work!


Thanks! I will take your ideas into account when I will be working on a new version. Perhaps instead of hiding the top bar completely, it would be enough just to switch it so a small version, like the one used in the file viewer, with only the most important functions. Displaying the drive bar as a drop-down is also a good idea.