Portable Version

Submitted by smaragdus on 2017-12-11


I finally managed to test Saladin version 1.0 and for me it is huge improvement over version 0.6. The new tool-bar looks cute, thanks.

Currently Saladin saves settings in "settings.dat" file in AppData ("C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Saladin\settings.dat"). I would appreciate if there is a way to save settings in program folder and thus using Saladin in portable mode. Portability can be implemented in many different ways:

  • Dedicated portable version packed in archive- extract the archive, run the executable, settings automatically saved in program folder;
  • Command-line parameter triggering portable mode: for example Saladin started with this parameter- "saladin.exe --portable" forces the program to save settings in program folder;
  • "Portable" flag (empty file "Portable") triggers portable mode, at start Saladin checks the program directory for "Portable" flag and if available it saves settings to program folder;
  • Empty sub-folder in program folder (for example- "Saladin", "Settings", "Data", etc) triggers portable mode- settings automatically saved to this sub-folder in program folder;
  • Portable installation mode in addition to normal installation mode- the installer just extracts the program to a folder specified by the user and settings saved in this specified folder;

Any of these methods would be fine for me. I think that a fully portable version of Saladin would make more universal.


I'm glad that you like the new UI in version 1.0. I was actually planning to create a portable version of Saladin for some time, I think it was even requested by someone before. I will add it in the 1.1 release.

In fact I saw there was a request for portable mode (https://saladin.mimec.org/forum/tracker/2015-01-23/portable-mode) but just after I had published this post. When I request a feature I usually search the forums for similar requests but it seems this forum does not have search.

About the GUI- I didn't like the GUI of version 0.6- for me the ribbon was ugly and took too much vertical space. The new toolbar is a ribbon but it is slimmer and nicer so it does not irritate me. In fact this is the best ribbon I remember to have seen.

I am not a programmer so I cannot help with coding but you may rely on me for testing if there are any alphas/betas which need to be tested (Windows 8 x64 here).

Sure, I always appreciate testing and all kinds of feedback. Your feature suggestions are very useful even if I may not be able to implement them all, because Saladin is just one of the side projects that I work on.