Saladin 0.5 released

Submitted by mimec on 2014-05-07

The latest version 0.5 of Saladin comes with the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • The internal viewer now has a full screen mode. Also it's possible to view files directly from ZIP archives without having to unpack them first.
  • The internal text viewer has a "go to line" command and displays the total number of lines in the status bar.
  • The Pack To ZIP command now has an explicit "overwrite" option. When selected, the whole archive is erased if it already exists, just like in previous versions. Otherwise, files can be added to the existing archive.
  • The drive bar no longer shows media libraries, shared folders and other items except for drives.
  • Copying file names from the search results was fixed.


Hi mimec,

i realy love the design and structure of Saladin. Have your ever thought about an extra column for the file extension or a sort-by-file-type functionality? Sometimes i miss that.