Updates to Saladin

Submitted by rjmoses on 2018-08-29

Recently, I was searching for open source programs developed under QT Creator so that I could learn about application development in that environment.  I found Saladin as one of the programs that would suit my needs, downloaded the source code and proceeded it to implement several changes.

First, let me compliment you on the program.  It is functionally one of the better programs for file management I have used.  It is well laid out, well thought out, and well implemented. 

The changes I made are:

1) Adapted it to run under QT version 5.11.1.

2) Added a settings switch that allowed the display/non-display of icons in the tool bar (my own preference is no icons).

3) Added a settings value for font and font size for the file panes.

I would be happy to email the changed files to you to be incorporated in a future release. 

Again, thank you for Saladin.  I wish I had found it years ago.  I really enjoy using it.



Thank you, I'm glad that you like Saladin and want to help improve it. I recently moved Saladin to GitHub: https://github.com/mimecorg/saladin. So if possible, you could open a pull request and I will merge it. If you prefer to send it via email, my address is mimec@mimec.org.