Switching off obtaining embedded Icon

Submitted by mark.richards@… on 2017-12-03

On a networked system with a NAS, directories and their entries (especially if the entries are program files) can be become quite large. I have noticed that Saladin slows down to an unacceptable level as it tries to read the contents of all the directories and the embedded icons. This has become a serious problem as far as I am concerned, to the point that Saladin has become almost unusable. I have looked at alternatives to Saladin, which do not suffer from this problem but lack features in other areas. 

If it was possible to institute a process of "lazy loading" of sub-directories and a switch in Settings to either fetch or not fetch embedded icons, that would be beneficial.

I think that disabling fetching embedded icons should solve the problem, I will add such option in the next version. Saladin doesn't load sub-directories, but the process of loading icons for folders probably causes that to happen.