Toolbar Enhancements

Submitted by smaragdus on 2017-12-11

I am used to "Back", "Forward" and "Up" toolbar buttons (with corresponding shortcut keys) and I miss them in Saladin tool-bar. For me such buttons would facilitate navigation.

"Desktop" button n the toolbar (with a corresponding shortcut key) which switches to "Desktop" and "Recycle Bin" button (with a corresponding shortcut key) which opens "Recycle Bin" would be very useful to me.

I would also appreciate "Tray" toolbar button which minimizes Saladin not to task bar but to system tray. It may be added to title bar in stead to toolbar- additional "Tray" button before "Minimize" button. Either way would be fine for me.

Customizable toolbar would also be a nice option- right-click on  toolbar- "Customize Toolbar" command which opens panel with available buttons which can be added/removed/moved/restored to default.


You can use Alt+Right, Alt+Left and Backspace shortcuts for Back, Forward and Up commands.

I think that Destkop and Recycle Bin really belong to the bookmarks because each user has a different set of such useful locations. Assigning shortcuts to bookmarks was requested before so I guess that would solve your problem. Making the toolbar customizable would of course require much more work.


About "Back", "Forward" and "Up" buttons this is what I meant:

I do not know how to embed images in this forum, sorry.

For me such buttons would be faster when I am holding the mouse. These buttons will be fine if the toolbar is customizable- the users would be able to clutter the toolbar as much as they like.

I suppose that "customizable toolbar" would need much work indeed- this is just an idea for the future. I believe that the more customization a program offers the more pleasing for the users it becomes. I also believe that there is always space for improvement. And I request features only for programs I find promising. ;)

About "Tray"- there is another possibility- you may add check boxes to "Settings" panel- "Minimize to Tray" and "Close to Tray", example- if "Minimize to Tray" is not checked and "Close to Tray" is checked Saladin would minimize to task bar and close to system tray which would be my favourite behaviour.