Viewer Enhancements

Submitted by smaragdus on 2017-12-11


I would like to suggest several tiny enhancements to Saladin viewer:

  • Two new too-bar buttons- "First" with shortcut key "Home" and "Last" with shortcut key "End" which navigate to first and respectively last image in the browsed directory. I believe this would enhance navigation;
  • In "View F3" there may be added another drop-down command- "View All Files" (plus a corresponding shortcut key")- if such a command is available the user would not need to select all files to view all of them;
  • Another useful feature would be "Slide Show"- new "Slide Show" button, perhaps next to "Full Screen" button with customizable transition time between images;


First and Last buttons definitely make sense.

View All Files can be achieved using Ctrl+A Shift+F3, I know it's not super friendly but I don't want to clutter the UI with too many commands and additional shortcuts to remember.

Slide Show is an interesting idea, I haven't thought about it :).

For me the problem with "CTRL+A" is that selection would include all files inside a folder and all of them may not be viewable. For me a sub-command "View All (supported) Files" to "View F3" button would not add clutter because it would not be in the main toolbar but a sub-command to "View F3" visible only when "View F3" button is pressed. Anyway, you are the developer and you decide- I am just a user and I just suggest. ;)

Ah ok, so it’s more like view all images command I suppose.