Drive letters and Color Icons

Submitted by SphinxRa40 on 2018-01-28


Like the program (saladin), doubting between Qtabbar and Saladin, it's fast and I like that that you don't have to click

the pane first to select (tried many other dual-pane software) this is almost the only one you don't have to click first to

choose the pane, so annoying and a waste of time so thanks for that! But to get to the point, drive letters only are annoying and confusing

especially with a lot of drives, is it possible to show the names of the drives? also the colour red...ugh....any theme changing in future (blue!^^)?

Also, the above bar would be nice to have in the middle (at least copy/move/folder/delete etc.) 

If these gonna be possible I would be glad to donate, even pay a full price of like the other software dual-pane programs,

it's simple and exactly what I need besides above points, Qttabbar I like the mouseover things on pictures and texts files which I also like..

choices choices choices ^^

Thanks for your comments! Yes, making something that satisfies everyone is as hard as finding something that satisfies your needs... and if something is very customizable, it's also no longer simple and it's harder to test, etc.

Showing the names of the drives is already high on my TODO list, so as soon as I get a chance to work on a new version of Saladin, I will implement it.

Perhaps there will be more color themes in the future, but that's not a top priority and it's so subjective that it would be really hard to satisfy everyone.

What do you mean exactly by the bar in the middle?


I understand and very true^^

Glad the names are on your TODO list, i understand the colour is not a priority.

The above menu bar to select copy/move etc, and choose to have that menu bar in the middle, just a suggestion