Great work!

Submitted by scarphin on 2011-10-10

I met 'Saladin' while browsing hopelessly for a file manager that is open source and coded in C++. I tried lots of managers which ended up slow (happens to be coded in higher level languages, for interpreters even), didn't meet my requirements, closed-source which aren't developed anymore with no code available for other to carry on developing and other problems. 'Saladin' is the pioneer in that field imo. It may not be ready yet but it looks very promising even it's at the beginning of the road. I think Qt is a nice choice too. So thnx for this. ;)

I have some questions about it's structure.
1- The info says XP is not supported which part of the code doesn't support XP?
2- Which compiler is used for building 'Saladin'? VS, mingw or something else?
3- Do u have some place to submit patches etc?

Thnx again...

XP is not supported because Saladin uses some Windows Shell features which exist since Windows Vista (e.g. the IFileOperation interface). Personally I use Visual Studio, but any compiler compatible with Qt, including mingw, can be used.

I started coding Saladin for the very same reason. It's far from being complete, but I've been using it for more than a year and it suits 99% of my needs. At the moment I'm quite busy with WebIssues, but I'm planning to continue developing it, and obviously all sorts of contributions are welcome.

At the moment it's best if you just send patches to mimec at mimec org for review.