Saladin 0.4

Submitted by Artom on 2013-04-11

Hello, I have just looked at Saladin after it was recommended to me. I am very new to file managers and I would like to know what the best version is for my Win98 pc?
Thanks for any help/advice you can give.


I believe that Saladin will not run on Windows98, but only the developper knows this for sure.
In my Win98 times I tried Xplorer2 lite, Q-Dir and FreeCommander (Win98SE only!), serch for them by google. All have 2-pane user interface and are license-free for private use. I do not remember, whether all have the same features as Saladin.
There are also wxCommander and Turbo Navigator (v1.46 or below) available, but I have no experience with these.

cheers R.

Thank you for your polite reply...
I will look into it as soon as, or very soon.... :-0)